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Stop! Take a look a this before you place another bet on the Horses….

Turner's Horse Racing Tips 4.95 for your first month

How after studying the Horses for nearly 40 years, I can NOW offer you the chance to receive the same tips I use every day.

Now updated to include 6 tip types!

Best thing: It takes almost no effort at all, you only have to open an email every morning to get this information.


From the Desk of Dave Turner

Dear Horse Racing Fan

How many so called professionals do you know that base this whole tipping service on some out of date and pie in the sky betting system?

More than you can Imagine…

Not me, I base mine on 40 years of experience and 6 years of hard earned data.

To be quite honest with you, I didn't think that I was doing anything different to most other people who followed the horses.

OK that's not entirely true!...

I did know there are a lot of people out there who just place bets randomly and who would often spend their last £10.00 on a tip from a nobody

But apart from these people, I thought everyone kept records and tried to improve their winnings by studying form and looking for patterns and phases in the Horse Racing calendar.

It was only when I realised I was getting over 80% of the winners correct that it dawned on me that maybe I was do something different.

I still can not believe the regularity with which David picks a winner!
With his tips I know I am going to "Beat the Bookie" every month.

V. Pike Member

I understand that many people probably like yourself do not have the time to study all the different aspects of Horse Racing, this is why I have decided to share my tips with a limited number of people.

Many people will ask the question "Why don't you keep the tips to yourself?"

The answer is: I have for many years, but come on that really isn't fair, humans by nature love to share information and I am no different, but at the same time you can not expect to get something for nothing, because that's not fair either!

As you can guess I am not going to give away my hard won secret's just for people to copy.

Here is what I am offering you 4 tried and tested tipping services.

One 4 you (was One A Day)

This system gives you a bet every day. Normally the prices are quite short but they do win on a regular basis. You get My special Staking Plan for this System which is tried and tested.
Click here for this months results.

There is no trick betting here or silly staking system, every day I use a very special formula that has been developed over many years and is constantly being improved.

This formula will give one race a day 6 days a week for you to to bet on!

Most days there will be two tips in the same race and over 80% of the time you will win and make a profit.

Just wanted to say I was skeptical about becoming a member but
the £9.95 for the first month convinced me to try.
I am really glad I did as well, because at last I am winning!.
Well done David keep picking em...

H. Skates Member

Two for You (Was Dave’s Two)

These tips are similar to the above but selections are usually a much better price so profits should be higher.

No favourite is less than 6-4.

In January we had one week as follows. 10-1, 9-2, 11-2, 10-1, 5-1.
Click here for this months results.

Dave’s Nap

These tips are based on any horse I feel should definitely win.

You wont get a bet every day only 3 to 4 per week depending on time of year and the going.

Over the last 13 months it has shown over 83% winners.
Click here for this months results.

I can see now from the March 2003 results that your Tips are very good indeed and the staking plan is one of the best I have come across

I hope you don't blame me for doubting your service at first, but there are so many bad tipsters around, Now I know better.

Dave Jackson. Member

Post Nap

Depending on price and other runners form there can be two selections in a race.

Winners tend to be short on price but more frequent.

Click Here to see this Months results

One of the main reasons I enjoy your service is that it comes in early each morning and I can place the bets before going to work.

Phillip. Member

I now include the selections from two of my most popular selection formulas "Turners Winners Galore" and "Turners Winning Ways".

6 tips for a price most other services charge you for 1 or 2!

Click Here to see the results using my staking plan.

I believe in the tips my subscribers receive and I want to keep improving them...

I am also restricting the amount of people that are allowed to join this exclusive club to just 100!..


Firstly I only want people who are serious about winning to join, secondly I do not want the bookies to get wind of my winning formula!

Although if you are thinking of joining just so that you can try and work out the system then please don't...

I have a very special formula that is made up of data, locality, weather, horses, rider, trainer and intuition, it takes me over 1 hr a day just to narrow down the track, before even finding the race.

The only way you can get these tips is by becoming a member and then they will be sent to you every morning in an email or you can get them from the members area.

So how much is membership to my service?

This is incredible value, I know that I could easily charge £100 to £200 pound a month for these tips.

I think if you take your horse racing seriously then £1.00 a day is not going to even figure into your expenditure.


I also know that , without you seeing and using the tips yourself and feeling the winnings in your hands you will not commit to even that!

I started on Dave's Nap & Post Nap with a £100 bank, and in only 13 days have 13 wins and 3 losses, profiting £53 (excellent return!)

Steve B. (member)

Not that I blame you there is so much false information and scams in the Horse Racing World that you have to be sceptical...

...But at the same time you can not expect me to give you this information for nothing, why should I?

So here is what I came up with.

The first Month will cost you just £9.97 not much to risk for a high quality tipping service, but I still want to give you the chance to trust me for a low cost.

The Second Month will cost you just £14.97, still very little to risk considering by this time you will be familiar with my tips and you will making well over this in winnings.

After that your subscription will cost just 19.95. a month, less than a £0.66 per day!

You know that there are many sites charging much more than this even for your first month.

That's got to be fair and I don't know of many other site that gives you an offer as good as this!

So click here now to see our payment options.

Please remember this service is only open to 100 people at any one time and these places are going fast so HURRY!!!

Click here now to start your low cost 1st months subscription.

Please remember you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Late bonus 1: Trial members who stay on to become full paying members (£19.95 a month) to "Turners Tips" will receive my report "Turners Winners Galore" FREE.

Late bonus 2: Trial members who stay on to become full paying members (£19.95 a month) to "Turners Tips" for two months will receive my new report "Turner's Winning Way's" FREE.

So what are you waiting for Click here now to start your low cost 1st and 2nd months subscription.

Best of Luck

Dave Turner

Before ordering please read:
I do everything I can to deliver tips 6 days a week to all members, these should arrive in your mailbox early morning if for some reason you do not receive the email then you will be able to log into the members area to view them. I make every effort to supply high quality tips, but I can not be responsible for any losses incurred by any persons using these tips..

80% is based on betting on my tips daily over a calader month, see the report provided.

Please note: Gambling is risky, we can not be held responsible for how you act upon the information provided at this site or for any losses from using the information.

Please Gamble Responsibly

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